The two healing disciplines described below have been profoundly effective in unlocking blocks on the physical and emotional body for many of my clients. Contact me for an free assessment, or for help locating a practitioner in your area. I have also listed their web sites for your reference.

The following excerpt is from the PossibilitiesDNA web site, home of the founder of this amazing technique. You may contact me for an appointment. Sessions are approximately 2 hours.

Energy Interference Patterns of DNA

DNA Techniques Scientists and medical researchers have conquered what was deemed impossible. Illnesses that were thought incurable and cancers that were deemed untreatable are now being transformed through the power of energy. The power you hold within your bodies is equally profound. You will explore cellular biology and the master DNA blueprint, and discover what causes particular DNA base molecules to sequence themselves in specific ways, creating the blueprint for your destiny. You will learn how to reprogram emotional DNA, currently only one-third active. We will show you how to awaken the remaining two-thirds. You will learn how to activate twelve strand DNA, awakening and regenerating your youth and vitality chromosomes.

What is an Energy Interference Pattern When two energy waves pass the same point and are out of phase, they interact and cause an interference. An energy interference pattern occurs when thoughts and feelings interact creating a low vibrational, low wave interference that can in turn create physical or emotional imbalance. In this class you will learn how to locate the destructive interference pattern that is creating a disturbance in the body and neutralize and transform that destructive pattern into a constructive or supporting high vibrational, high wave pattern.

Past, Present & Future Beliefs Your feelings and emotions are a result of your belief systems, and cannot be separated from health, illness, body function, or life experiences. You were taught the beliefs of the families and culture you were born into. These beliefs include all the rules of society, its laws, religion, schools, government, social expectations, holidays and heritage. You learned how to focus your attention on these beliefs, and develop an addiction for them. Through a process to detect EIP beliefs, you will learn how to locate and release these addictions, restoring your life energy. Tap into the language of cells. Cells talking to cells, mind talking to cells and healer talking to cells. DNA activation opens the communication channel. Interpret cellular communication through activation of the master cell. The EIP technique has developed one of the most thorough and extensive lists of belief patterns and category's in energetic healing.

Dimensional Blocks Most of your manifestations and creations come from your unconscious. What you create in the unconscious remains in the dimension of the unconscious. In this technique, you will learn how to bring into this dimension what was created in the unconscious dimension. You will take your expansive creations forward while releasing the blocks, struggles and suffering that were created in that unconscious dimension, freeing you to fulfill your desired destiny.

The Mind-Body Connection In modern Western culture, science has separated mind and body. Other cultures, however, have long held that mind and body are one. The ancient Chinese developed the Five-Element Theory based on the belief that the energy of the mind and body are one. You will learn how emotions create stagnant energy which is held in the five elements, causing physical and emotional disturbances, and how to release those emotions.

Your physical DNA is only half the story…The other half is the emotional DNA handed down through many generations. The DNA of Healing reveals how the stories of your ancestors affect your success and failures today. Discover your personal family history with this practical and easy guide, break the pattern, and reset your genetic code for wellness and abundance.

If you believe a positive attitude is all you need to improve your life, why isn't your life changing the way you want?

The answers lie deep in your DNA. The DNA of Healing provides scientific research and personal experience showing that in addition to inheriting your physical characteristics, the beliefs, thoughts and emotions of your ancestors are also encoded in your genes. These deeply embedded patterns influence your health, wealth and relationships in ways you are not even aware.Margaret Ruby, a pioneer and educator in the field of healing and the founder of PossibilitiesDNA, shows that we are not prisoners of genetic heritage. She has developed a system for isolating and reversing inherited ancestral patterns. The DNA of Healing reveals her breakthrough five-step process that has helped people around the world discover and neutralize their inherited unconscious programming.

The Bowen Technique for Mind, Body and Soul

The international website for the Bowen technique can be found at This technique is highly effective and extremely gentle. Appropriate fo children through seniors. Please contact me for if you are interested in an appointment in the Vancouver area. Cost per session: $85

From the web site in Europe, I offer this excellent overview of this amazing modality: The Bowen technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy and it's revolutionary.For more than 40 years, the Bowen technique is a unique system that has amazed therapists of all disciplines. The gentle moves on soft tissue stimulate physiological changes & energy flow, empowering the body's own resources to heal itself. It is safe to use on anyone from neonates to the aged and produces lasting relief from pain or discomfort. Orthodox and alternative therapists have been generous in their praise for this technique.

The Bowen technique balances the body to allow it to heal itself. The work consists of a series of precise moves on specific points of the body. These moves are light and can be done through clothing. There are frequent and important pauses between each series of moves giving the body time to benefit from each. A Bowen move is itself a study in delicacy. The structure (muscle, tendon, or nerve sheath) is identified with the thumb or the fingers. The skin slack is gently tractioned in the opposite direction to the intended move. Then the muscle is challenged with gentle pressure in the direction of the intended move. Finally the skin is allowed to move across the structure to the limit of the available skin slack.

Although individual moves used alone may produce a positive effect, the full benefit of the technique is gained through a complementary series of moves. Only a limited number of sequences are needed each session so the technique is simple to do and is easy on the patient.

The Bowen technique allows the body to heal itself with minimal intervention in contrast to other hands-on disciplines where the therapist imposes the healing mechanism on the patient through the technique performed.Other forms of manipulative or energetic therapy performed four days before and up to five days after a The Bowen technique session may interfere with its effectiveness but the Bowen technique does not interfere with the effectiveness of other disciplines.

Each session can run from a half hour to two hours, depending on how your body responds to the Bowen during treatment.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. Anna Quindlen, American journalist

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