An extraordinary course in meditation and healing

Of all the courses I have had the privilege to teach, this course is a most magical and effective one for those seeking to manifest change in their lives quickly. 

"The Prophet"

This is much more than a meditation course. It is a life-changing course! You will learn a vast amount of knowledge in 4 short classes over a month’s time. This is a course in which you will find your inner compass.

Level I: The Prophet was first taught in 1986. Today, more than 200 faculty of Training in Power™ Academy teach Level I throughout Canada and the US and I am proud to be one of them.

This is a course in true manifestation on so many levels.

I recommend you visit the home site of this incredible system of self-empowerment. Come if you are ready for a change. 

  • Here's what you would learn, class by class (pdf).
  • Please contact me for more information. This course is highly recommended.

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
Napolean Hill

"Discover Your Story" One Day Workshop

Discover Your Story Workshop

Free CD included with your tuition

This one-day workshop is about you discovering your story. Our personal stories can exalt us and hold us steady. Our personal stories can also bind us to old perspectives or dynamics. To know yourself…to truly know yourself…is to know your Sacred Self. This workshop reveals to you - your story – and with this knowledge you can then unlock your untapped potential. How? By opening to a power that is yours already but unknown to you because it is in the unconscious position; by learning how to start moving into an internal/external balance. Then magically, whatever you need to realize your dreams comes into play and you can enact upon it and manifest. In this one-day workshop, you will: 

  • develop the ability to place and address any stress, anxiety, cares or concerns that may have been holding you back from living your story
  •  learn energetic truths about the connection between science and spirituality
  •  unfold your personal story and dynamics through specific exercises and techniques and then connect them to the life you live today
  • learn a 4-step model that will unlock your potential to be ‘your ultimate best’
Meditation is used as an important tool in this workshop. Why? Meditation can free the unconscious and the natural instinctive knowing that we have. The unconscious is also the place that governs our patterns, some of which no longer serve us in our adult life. The science of meditation then, is to be able to affect that area that has been previously inaccessible to us. With new awareness we create new choice. Workshops are held in Canada and the US. 

HealingTwo amazing healing techniques from Vals Fauquier
Now I understand myself so much more: why I do what I do. I've made some new decisions, some new choices. Thank you.
 Lily, Vancouver

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