Life Changing Courses

That's a big promise, I realize. A course that could transform how you are in the world?Yet I assure you there is much magic to learn, and that everyone has access to the "power" within.

Join me in unique course work that uses self empowerment techniques to give you tools to truly live your life to the fullest. This work, quite simply - works!

Spirituality and Wellness Courses

As Sr. Director and Faculty member of Training in Power Academy based in Vancouver BC and Seattle, Washington,I have the honor of teaching some extraordinarily courses in advanced meditation, metaphysics, and healing.Visit the Academy’s site to discover more about these courses, or touch base for a 1:1 consultation.

Courses and Workshops

I have been on the Faculty of the Centre for Leadership at The Justice Institute of BC since 2004, offering courses in business communications, leadership,and wellness. Courses and Workshops

Certified Practitioner - Energy Interference on DNA

I love this work! Energy Inteference Patterns of DNA, is an astounding healing modality based on cutting edge technology called numerical mapping. With an EIP session you work with your DNA on an energetic level, resetting your genetic code back to its original blueprint of wellness and abundance. Healing Techniques

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